TUV Approved Zupapa Trampoline Combination Review

Often when you are looking for outdoor entertainment equipment you have to find each piece separately. In the case of the TUV Approved Zupapa you find the entire combination you need to have a great time outdoors in the backyard.

The combination of net enclosure, safety pad, ladder, and mat springs, and shoes bag as well as cover offers a good value. With this trampoline, you will receive all the equipment you need to start having fun with an easy setup at a good value.

Description of the Zupapa Trampoline Combination Deal

TUV Approved Zupapa Trampoline Combination ReviewThe trampoline is available in 12, 14 or 15 feet sizes. Along with the combination the trampoline is built with safety in mind and has longer net poles, steel joints, and legs are bungled tightly in two spots to maximize safety. The heavy duty steel is rust resistant and galvanized.

The jumping net is made from heavy-duty UV protected polypropylene for strength and durability. The entire combination is created from German design, and each is quality tested for durability and safety.

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Pros for the Zupapa Trampoline Ladder Combination

Here is a list of positives customers have found with this combination:


  • All Zupapa trampolines are TUV certified.
  • This is safe and fun for the whole family.
  • German quality and safety assurance with the entire combination.
  • Weight limit is 300 pounds.
  • Net keeps people from falling outward.


  • More than one person can use the trampoline at a time.
  • Ladder makes it easier and faster to get to the trampoline.
  • Sturdiness makes jumping easier and fun.
  • Tramp is sturdy enough to perform tricks or even simple games with younger children.
  • Larger size allows for adults to have fun too.


Considering the trampoline comes with the net enclosure, safety pad, ladder, mat springs, shoes bag, cover, and t-hook, this is a great value.

Cons for the Zupapa Trampoline Ladder Combination

Here is a list of negatives customers have found with this product:

  • A reminder that children shouldn’t be left alone on the trampoline should be prominent in the instructions.
  • The net makes it difficult to take pictures of the fun.
  • Eventually the trampoline will lose elasticity and will need to be replaced, but this is true of all such equipment.

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This is a good value for the family that loves to have fun in the backyard. Because it’s possible to have the entire combination together families can begin having fun right away. Those who have older children or adults who want to use the trampoline should opt for the larger 15 foot size. Small children under 12 should never be left alone unsupervised on the trampoline, and it’s also best to use or workout on the trampoline with a buddy to prevent accidents.

Conclusion for the TUV Approved Zupapa Trampoline

For those who are looking to replace an older trampoline, or for those buying one for the first time, this is a good value given all the products sold in combination. It’s possible to have the entire setup within a few days after a placing an order for the Zupapa Trampoline. Given that you receive all the equipment necessary set up the product from the ground up, it is an outstanding deal.

This is a good buy for those who have never set up a trampoline before since all the equipment is sent at one time, and each has the backing of German design, testing and quality testing. There is no guess in setting this up or questioning of what additional equipment is needed. You have the complete setup and you are ready to begin having fun.

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