Trampolines are a versatile backyard staple. While jumping is the main activity you will do on them, they can offer much more fun than just a few jumps. If you are creative, you can explore a variety of trampoline activities.

Discovering these many games and other fun things to do will allow you to get more out of your trampoline. Plus, introducing new trampoline activities can help to keep the trampoline engaging for kids who may lose interest in just jumping after a while.

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Safety Disclaimer for Trampoline Activities

Before you embark on any type of trampoline activities, you need to be aware of the risks involved. Trampolines are responsible for many injuries to users every year.

Most of the time, such injuries are avoidable if you follow all the safety guidelines and instructions that come with your trampoline.

There are also some best practices to follow that can help keep everyone safe when using a trampoline.

Best practices for trampoline activities

  • Always have adult supervision
  • Keep activities age-appropriate
  • Set up at ground level for the safest option
  • Make sure to set up away from trees or other low hanging things
  • Clean off debris before use
  • Use safety net and pads
  • Check for tears and other issues before using

Always keep safety in mind as you use or supervise children using a trampoline. Doing so will help to keep the activities fun and avoid injuries.

Fun Trampoline Activities to Try Today

kids jumping

We’ve put together a variety of trampoline activities for all ages to enjoy. We’ve put special notes on some activities about age groups or where there is an extra need for caution.

Keep in mind that younger children should only be on a trampoline one at a time to avoid injuries. Any group games or activities on our list are not appropriate for small children.


You may know this as the egg game, but we call it popcorn. To set up the game, one person will sit in the middle of the trampoline with his or her knees pulled to the chest and arms wrapped around the knees.

The other players will jump around the person to try to get him or her to let go and “pop” open.

There are variations on this as well. To make it more fun, you can have multiple people playing the popcorn kernel, and the last “unpopped” kernel is the winner.

You also make the game about the jumpers where there is one jumper at a time. Each jumper gets so many bounces to pop the kernel. If he or she doesn’t, then the next jumper gets a chance. Whoever, pops the corn, wins.

Rock, paper, scissors

You have probably played rock, paper, scissors with your hands, but when you turn it into a trampoline game, you use your whole body. The moves are as follows:

  • Rock: landing on hands and knees
  • Paper: landing flat
  • Scissors: landing on your rear

You play the game the same way as the classic. On the count of three, everyone will choose their move. Remember, rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock.

You can do best two out of three or you can play a tournament where the winner of the round goes on to play another player.


Small hoops that can attach to the side of the trampoline net make it simple to play a game of basketball on the trampoline. It is a pretty straightforward activity.

Whether the kids play a full-blown game or just shoot baskets for fun depends on their ages and how much room you have on the mat.

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To play drop, you need to be able to get some good air between you and the mat, think fast, and move your body well. The idea behind this game is to land in a certain way, but you don’t know what that pose is until you’re already in the air and heading back down.

To play, one person is the jumper and the other is the caller. The jumper will jump three times. On the third jump, the caller will yell out a landing style that the jumper must pull off.


Poison is kind of like a real-life video game. You will need some balls to play. You want to put the balls on the trampoline. The goal for jumpers is to not let a ball touch them. The balls are poison, so if they touch a jumper, that person is out.

The rules are fairly simple. Nobody can purposely touch the balls, and everyone must keep jumping until they are out.


This is like the basketball game but instead of shooting baskets, one person will do a certain move, such as a spin jump or landing flat, other players must do the move or earn a letter. When a player spells out the word “horse,” they are out.

For example, player A is up first. He decides to do a jump and land on his hands and knees. Player B must then do a jump and land in the same position. If she does, then she gets to pick the next move. If she doesn’t, then she gets a letter “h,” and player A gets to choose the next move.

Chalk drawing

This is the first of the trampoline activities on our list that is appropriate for younger kids because it doesn’t involve jumping or even much movement that could put the child at risk of a fall or injury.

Chalk drawing is simple using sidewalk chalk to draw on the trampoline. It can get a little messy because the kids will likely crawl all over the already drawn on surfaces, but it is easy to clean off with a spray of the hose or just wait for some rain.

Bum war

This game can be incredibly hilarious, but it is also very difficult. The idea is to have all players begin the game by jumping normally.

Then one player will yell out “1,2,3,4. I declare a bum war.” At this time, all players must land on their bums and rebound to their feet to stay in the game. No double bouncing and no stumbling allowed. To stay in a player must execute a smooth bum bounce to their feet.

Ball pit

It is so easy to turn your trampoline into a ball pit. You can buy the plastic balls used for ball pits pretty much anywhere. Just dump them on the trampoline and let kids play.

Younger kids will often find this quite enjoyable, but it is a good time for almost any age.

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Woman Jumping

Sprinkler is simple. Just put a sprinkler underneath the trampoline, turn it on, and wait for the squeals. The spray will come out as more of a mist through the mat, but it will still cool them off when the temperature soars.

We want to issue a word of caution about this activity. When wet, a trampoline can be incredibly slippery, so always exercise care and keep an eye on children playing on a wet surface.

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Nighttime jump

Nothing can make something as exciting as using it in a new way. Nighttime jump takes a trampoline and makes it into an adventure, which is perfect for a time when your kids seem to be getting bored or using the trampoline less.

All you do is string up some fairy lights or old Christmas lights around the top of the trampoline and let them jump after dark. It brings a whole new dimension to the trampoline and can spark a new joy in jumpers.

You could even let them bring their sleeping bags out, and after jumping, they can spend the night on the trampoline.

Of course, you want to ensure their safety on an overnight stay. Make sure there is adult supervision, and check the weather report to avoid a mishap in the middle of the night.

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For kids that love to see how high they can jump, streamers is an addictive game. To set this up, you need to create a bar going across the top of the trampoline. You can use pool noodles taped together for a soft option that won’t pose a hazard.

You will then need some crepe paper that you will tear off in various lengths and tape to the bar.

The goal is for kids to take turns trying to grab the streamers. Each player gets one jump on his or her turn. Whoever gets the most streamers wins the game.

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A trampoline is the perfect place to teach younger children basic tumbling moves because it is a soft surface with some give. It can make it easier to overcome some of the fear a child may have.

Stick to basics, such as summersaults, and keep the kids in the middle to avoid injuries.

Hokey Pokey

The Hokey Pokey is a classic party tune. You can amp up the fun by having everyone do the Hokey Pokey dance on the trampoline.

It will add a little flavor to the dance that you just don’t get when standing on solid ground.

In the air

Active for Life explains that kids can have a ball with the in the air game where they must keep a ball, balloon, or another round object from falling on the mat.

The ball must keep moving, though. They will have to throw or bounce it to keep it in the air at all times. Whoever drops it to the mat, is out.

Trampoline activities as exercise

Most of the trampoline activities we’ve shared are something adults can do, but for an adult who wants to make the most of their trampoline, exercising is a great option.

Cardio is an obvious choice as jumping really gets your heart and lungs working, but don’t make things boring.

Liven up your workout with a little air dancing. The goal is to jump and create moves with your body in the air. Of course, the higher you can jump, the better. You’ll find yourself working hard to strike unique poses, but you probably won’t even feel like you’re exercising.

You can also do some yoga on the trampoline. You’ll find this is challenging because it really tests your balance and coordination due to the unstable surface.

Final Words on Trampoline Activites

Playing on the trampoline means so much more than just jumping around. As you can see, there are many different trampoline activities you and your kids can enjoy.

There is something for everyone which makes the trampoline one of the most versatile playthings you can get for your home.

You really are only held back by your own imagination when it comes to finding fun things to do on a trampoline. You’ll probably notice that as you introduce ideas, your kids will come up with many variations and even new ideas of their own.

What are your favorite trampoline activities? Let us know in the comments below.

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