Sportspower Trampoline Reviews: Is It Worth Buying?

sportspower trampoline review


Back in the day, the sole access we would get to trampolines was at a trampoline park or perhaps a specialist gymnasium, but today there are actually numerous high quality and affordable types of trampolines that can be bought in the industry.

This places trampoline ownership within reach of people with a substantial enough backyard, and lots of families are currently opting to buy their own.

All things considered, in this modern-day era a lot of us are actually searching for an enjoyable way to get children away from screens and participating in exercise that is not only physical but allows for fresh air.

In addition, many parents are actually recognizing the workout advantages that are included with trampolining and are actually interested in including this fun activity into a workout program.


Sportspower trampoline

In case you were looking at purchasing a trampoline, you might have seen Sportspower trampolines around.

This popular brand manufacture and promote a range of trampolines, and also you might be asking yourself in case they're the best option for you.

We have been carrying out some testing to learn whether these designs represent a good purchase - continue reading for our definitive Sportspower verdict.


little girl playing at her trampoline

This's probably the smallest type in the Sportspower range, and also in case that you want to allocate a significant portion of your backyard to buying a trampoline just for the purpose of exercising.

This trampoline is specially created for kids that are small as well as will come with plenty of key features:

• Small measurements: This trampoline has a diameter of only eighty-four inches.

• Low standing design: The surface, while close to the floor, means there's decreased risk of your children falling off when climbing up or dismounting

• Padded frame: The frame within the trampoline edge is nicely padded with foam, so there's much lower risk of damage from falls or bumps.

• Durable: The trampoline is meant to be hard wearing. This makes it perfect for outdoor use, though the small size also would mean that you can use it inside in case you do not have a lawn.

• 73.5-inch increased safety net: An excellent integrated function for safety, stopping your children falling out because over zealous bouncing

• Suitable for kids aged 3+ years: This can make it an excellent option in the case that you have very small kids who may get hurt bouncing on a bigger model.

• hundred lb. mass limit: This item is actually created for use by kids solely, and the trade off for the smaller size is actually a smaller weight restriction.

What this means is it probably isn’t the ideal option if you were planning on making your trampoline an ideal part of life for the whole family.

Several reviewers on Amazon said they could get in and bounce with their children without some problems, though we do not recommend using any trampoline merchandise for anything apart from the planned use if you were making sure it lasts!


sportspower 15 feet trampoline

This's probably the largest trampoline in the Sportspower range. As a result, it is vital that you make certain you've plenty of room in the yard of yours to accommodate it, so please take measurements of your lawn before buying. Here is what you have to know:

• Galvanised steel construction: This can make the trampoline really durable.

• Safety enclosure: This enclosure comes as part of the cost of the trampoline and is useful for stopping nasty falls. It’s a great feature for any children making use of the trampoline.

• UV resistant jump mat plus enclosure: When a trampoline is not put away and left out in the sun for lengthy periods, UV rays could gradually result in premature wearing down of materials. Fortunately, both the enclosure as well as jump mat were treated to avoid this, prolonging the life of your trampoline.

• U shaped legs: This leg design gives additional stability, so there's much less chance of the trampoline shifting during bouncing. Undoubtedly a fantastic security feature and we're delighted to see it incorporated in the Sportspower units.

• Padded frame: The frame within the advantage of the jump mat is nicely padded with smooth foam, preventing pain if anybody falls while bouncing just a little too enthusiastically!


Sportspower 14' Trampoline

In case you want a trampoline ideal for all ages, the Sportspower 14' trampoline is very appropriate, with a 220 lb weight limit. Listed here are the key item features:

• Suitable for ages six and up: Therefore, in case you're purchasing for really small kids, this might not be the best option for you.

• Galvanised steel frame: It’s made from a very durable material, making the trampoline hard wearing and really appropriate for outdoor use.

• Durable jump mat: This allows for smoother bouncing as well as prolongs the life of the trampoline.

• Easi-store safety enclosure: This can make the trampoline especially safe for usage by kids, as it allows them to bounce without the threat of dropping from the trampoline. Additionally, this could be quickly folded away when you are not making use of the trampoline, stopping it from getting prematurely worn down from being left outside all of the time.

• Internal netting: Again, this gives an additional level of security to the trampoline. The netting stops access to the springs and also means that kids can't fall down the gap between the jump mat or the frame.

• Padded frame: Like the 15' version, foam padding offers additional protection against any awful bumps or nasty scrapes.


Sportspower 12' Trampoline

This somewhat smaller trampoline shares a lot of the same capabilities as the 15' and 14' trampolines, including padded galvanized U-shaped legs and metal frame. Additionally, it includes:

• Folding enclosure: Much handier in the case you wish to get rid of the enclosure between uses.

• Steel ladder: This enables safe and easy access to the trampoline, particularly for kids.


kid playing at the sportspower trampoline

Sportspower have found plenty of acclaim by buyers, with some really great customer reviews. Many comment that the Sportspower trampolines are great quality and also age very well.

Assembly is noted as being really simple, and typically customer satisfaction appears to be extremely high.

Along with internet reviews, we looked thoroughly at the specs of the Sportspower units. They include different features that make the products high quality.

To begin with, the galvanised steel that the items are well made from is incredibly durable, therefore the pipes of each frame are not likely to bend during usage.

Furthermore, the UV treatment options of the jump mats and enclosures we find to be a terrific addition which will stop them perishing due to contact with the sunlight.

Nevertheless, some professional reviewers have pointed out the Velcro made to fasten the enclosures on Sportspower trampolines isn't as safe as some of the other types on the market, which use zips that offer a lot more safety.

From the feedback and web based professional ratings of the items, it appears that Sportpower are actually a trampoline brand that are well worth looking at.


Below we’ve compared Sportspower to some of the other trampoline brands you can expect to see.


kids playing happily with the trampoline

Sportspower trampolines have a weight limit of 220 lbs, which is actually much more than sufficient to accommodate virtually all parents safely.

The sole exception is actually the My First Trampoline trampoline that is created for use by kids strictly and hold up a maximum of hundred lbs.


Sportspower replacement net

Replacement nets for every one of the Sportpower trampoline sizes are able to be conveniently bought from Amazon.

We also realized it was easy to find replacement parts such as nets at internet trampoline component merchants on the web.


men assembling the sportspower trampoline

In case you are thinking about buying a Sportspower trampoline, you might want to know what the advantages will be of picking this particular brand.

Fortunately, you will find lots of things that are really cool about these trampolines! Allow me to share the elements that we particularly are fond of:

• Durability: The galvanized sturdy construction and steel can make these trampolines long lasting. If you are going to invest in a trampoline, you should attempt to make it last for a number of years, so this mot definitely is a huge positive in our eyes.

• Range of products: We like the variety that Sportspower have to provide, as it provides a lot of choice based on the space that is allotted in your garden. 

The mini model is actually a great accessory to the range, looking great while providing the younger members of our families a chance to enjoy the advantages of trampolining safely.

• Safety features: Overall, we had been amazed with the assortment of security capabilities on Sportspower trampolines. 

It is wonderful that all of them come with safety enclosures as standard. Additionally, incorporating removable enclosures on several items is quite an excellent concept, as it implies you are able to count on the net you have that it will survive for longer.

The U-shaped legs on the larger trampolines are also a wonderful feature, using safety and stability additional.


man taking down the trampoline

Overall, our perspective of the Sportspower trampoline brand has left a very good impression – writing this sportspower trampoline reviews section was a no-brainer.

Nevertheless, we do think this brand could be considerably improved with the addition of zip fastenings on the enclosures they attach to the trampolines. At the second they're using Velcro, which can be a problem as it's not as secure as zipping.

As the enclosure is there to stop folks bouncing off the trampoline, it's likely that the Velcro may not hold in case someone bounced against it.

This ought to be taken into consideration when purchasing, and kids must be made conscious of the importance to be cautious not to bounce against the opening of the enclosure.


General, we think that the Sportspower brand is actually the right option for families thinking about investing in a trampoline, whatever the needs or sizes you want and it was vital to do a section for Sportspower trampoline reviews.

The durability of the item indicates the anything you purchase must provide children (and probably you, too) with years of satisfied bouncing fun.

In addition, the fantastic safety features offer good peace of mind, and you are going to be in a position to enjoy your bouncing time easily with worry.

Nevertheless, as with all of trampolines, it's essential to maintain your trampoline often to make certain it's still in a suitable condition.

It's particularly vital that you all safety features continue to be in great working order and that there aren't any dangerous gaps or sharp edges that result in injury.

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