Backyard trampolines can present a lot of fun activities for you and your family, but they can only take you so far. If you have kids that are interested in pursuing the trampoline as a sport, or who are involved in any number of trampoline-related activities, then you should consider a professional-grade trampoline.

But just what are the activities that a professional trampoline can help with? It turns out the list is pretty long. Trampolines are a great way to improve a person’s overall fitness, but they can also help with balance, flexibility, and even endurance. If your child is interested in gymnastics, for example, on a serious level, then a high-quality trampoline can help give him or her an edge over the competition.

It provides a safe place to practice routines, tumbles, and difficult moves without having to have a brush with gravity. You can help challenge your kids to develop new gymnastics skills, but you can help reduce the risk of injury.

The same goes for snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. The complicated flips, tricks, and jumps are much easier to practice on a trampoline than on hard-packed snow. And because the trampoline doesn’t require snow, you increase the time that your kids can spend learning their skills.

Cheer leading, acrobatics, and diving all also make use of trampolines in their training. For all of these various sports, the trampoline offers a safe space to learn new tricks without the risk of falling onto hard and unforgiving surfaces. The trampoline acts as a stepping stone to help them progress to harder and harder skills while still facing minimal consequences when errors occur.

The 3 Best Professional Trampolines to Help Your Kids Achieve Their Sporting Goals

If your child or children are interested in pursuing any of these activities seriously, then a professional trampoline is a safe way to give them the upper hand. You won’t be at the mercy of a gym or trainer’s schedule, and you can help your kids learn to be more self-sufficient and more self-motivated to achieve their sporting goals.

So now that you know how beneficial a professional trampoline can be, you have to figure out the best one for your kids and their interests. You’ll have to be prepared to pay a pretty hefty price for a professional trampoline, but you’ll get a quality product that can help your children for years to come in return. Here is a list of 7 great professional trampolines that will foster your children’s love of sports while keeping them safe.

1. JumpSport 10’x17′ StagedBounce

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This heavy-duty trampoline provides plenty of space for your kids to practice their moves, and it gives them the biggest sweet-spot landing zone to maximize their jumping power. It has patented StagedBounce technology to provide smoother and safer jumps, and its large rectangular size is perfect for any number of sports.

The StagedBounce technology makes this a perfect trampoline for beginners who want to practice new moves like cheerleading flips, or gymnastics tumbles. That’s because this technology allows for half of the springs to be set at a lower tension, which delays their engagement by a split second. This becomes really crucial when your little one is practicing a new jump and lands awkwardly. He or she gets to absorb half of the impact at a slower rate, helping to reduce injury.

For any parents who are already worried about the dangers of jumping on a trampoline, or the dangers of training for sports like snowboarding and cheerleading, this should come as a welcome bit of relief.

The trampoline also features a heavy-duty double-truss frame that is made from cold rolled steel to ensure its strength and durability. It comes with a 10-year warranty, and a JumpSport commitment to safety. The Permatron mat has high-tensile strength, and it is UV protected and water resistant.

This is the kind of trampoline that you buy because you are making an investment in your child’s future. It’s not just for some fun in the backyard. It is a trampoline for training for bigger things, and it can help your kids achieve their sporting goals while giving you some peace of mind.

2. Upper Bounce 9 x 15 FT Rectangle Trampoline

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This rectangular trampoline by Upper Bounce boasts lots of great features for a trampoline experience that goes beyond just some fun jumping. It is easy to assemble and take apart, meaning that you don’t need a lot of equipment or time to put it together, and you can store it in your basement, or garage during the off-season.

It is made from black-coated steel for extra durability and welded sockets on the frame that support the enclosure poles and help give it extra strength. Its springs are rust-free, and its jumping matt is made from premium mesh that won’t rip or tear.

It’s a high-quality professional-grade trampoline that can help give your kids an edge in their chosen sport. They’ll have plenty of room to practice flipping and landing, and you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt. They can work on their balance and flexibility, burn some energy and calories, and still manage to have a lot of fun too.

The no-gap enclosure also eliminates any space between the jumping surface and the safety net. No more landing on the springs like you used to do as a kid.

3. Tubml Trak Porta trampoline

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The one downside to a professional trampoline is how much space they take up. Sure, you would love to buy your child an elite training trampoline, but where will you put it? Unless you have a spacious basement with high ceilings, or a beautiful backyard in a temperate climate, you don’t have a lot of options.

But you still want your child to be able to train, and you don’t want to be at the mercy of a gym schedule. You know other parents get up at 4am to drive their kids to tumbling practice, but you just don’t know if you can make that kind of sacrifice.

With the Tubml Trak Porta trampoline you don’t have to give up your time, your space, or your sleep. It is uniquely designed to help your child practice tumbling, flipping, and landing, and it can be folded and wheeled away when not in use.

It’s good for all ages and skill levels from beginner to expert. Your little tumbler can gain confidence with each flip, and your elite athlete can hone their skills and show up to competitions better and stronger. It comes in several sizes, and has an available matching landing mat.

A Professional Trampoline is a Great Investment

All of these professional trampolines will give your budding athletes the advantages they need to perform their chosen sports better. The skills they learn on a trampoline can translate to the skate park, the diving board, the gymnastic mat, and far beyond. Investing in a high-quality trampoline is the perfect way to foster their enthusiasm, grow their skills, and give them confidence.

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