An Elite Trampoline: JumpSport 10′ x 17′ StagedBounce Trampoline

There are plenty of cookie cutter trampolines on the market, but very few can come close to touching the ones available from JumpSport.

Why? JumpSport goes the extra mile. The trampolines are bigger, safer, and because of some interesting technology, they actually offer a more forgiving jumping experience. Let’s jump right in.

The Basics – Size and Features

The Size

Most trampolines are 15’ – this one is 17’. That might seem like a small difference… but in reality, it’s quite noticeable. Here’s why.

With all trampolines, the best part is the middle of it. In the middle, you get the highest jumps. Imagine a tiny trampoline – there is very little difference between the edge and the center of it.

The more surface area you get, the more powerful the center becomes. The difference between 15’ and 17’ isn’t too noticeable in terms of surface area, but you will feel the trampoline utilizing more power on each and every jump.

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The Features

  • Patented StagedBounce technology – we’ll cover this a little bit further down the page.
  • Cold rolled steel – not only is this steel sturdier than the steel used in lesser trampolines, but the steel itself is actually thicker – it’s 1.8” everywhere, meaning the trampoline is more stable.
  • Jet black coat finish – usually, trampolines compensate on steel strength in order to make it rust-resistant. This 17’ rectangular trampoline doesn’t do that – it uses incredibly thick, strong steel on the inside, and then it has a coat on the outside to prevent damage from the elements (and it looks pretty cool, too).
  • The padding is not only thicker than other trampolines, but it’s wider, too. Even if your jump goes completely off course, your entire body will land on a soft, forgiving surface.
  • Features a 225 pounds single-user weight rating.

StagedBounce – What it is & why it’s important

If you’re using your trampoline frequently, you have to pay attention to chronic injuries. A chronic injury is one you sustain by doing one thing incorrectly over time, and an acute one is when you do one thing that injures you. For example, if you’re a runner, a chronic injury would be using slightly incorrect form for months, whereas an acute one would be twisting your ankle by landing incorrectly on just one stride.

Trampolines aren’t forgiving on your knees… unless you have StagedBounce technology, that is. With StagedBounce technology, 50% of the springs engage immediately, and 50% of them engage a fraction of a second later.

This means that instead of putting all of the stress on your knees when you land, you cut that in half. The other half is used to propel you back into the air. Couple that extra propulsion with the larger surface area and you get some seriously high jumps.

Worth the Extra Money?

If you have one toddler who just wanted a trampoline as a birthday gift, then it might be worth looking at a cheaper model. But for those with larger families, bigger budgets, or athletic needs, the JumpSport 17’ rectangular trampoline is a safe buy.

Summary: Five Reasons to get it

  • Larger surface area means that more people can jump at once, and your jumps will be higher.
  • Extra (and wider) padding prevents injury and adds to your peace of mind.
  • Cold rolled steel + a durable coating means that the frame is powerful and it’ll hold up to the elements.
  • Easy to set up.
  • StagedBounce technology lends itself to higher jumps and less stress on your legs.

Others to Consider if too Expensive

Despite all of its features, the price might be too much for some families. And that’s perfectly okay. There are other trampolines that are still pretty good, and that cost much less than this one does.

We’d recommend looking at this Skywalker rectangular trampoline if you know you want a rectangle. It’s around ⅓ of the price. If you don’t really care about shape, it’s worth looking at this circular trampoline (also by Skywalker) or this one by ExacMe.

Click here to read the reviews on Amazon, or click here to read the official Amazon product page which includes specs, pricing details, shipping and warranty information, etc.

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