Adding a trampoline to your home can be a great way for the family to spend some time together and get some exercise. You have several different options when it comes to trampolines, including installing an in ground trampoline.


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An in ground trampoline is a trampoline that is placed in the ground in your backyard. Why you would choose to do this will depend on different factors, including personal preference. Whether you decide you want to put in an above ground trampoline or an in ground trampoline, you need to be aware that both will require maintenance.

In addition, you’ll need to know exactly where the in ground trampoline will be located. These are not easy to move and will need a more permanent location. Since it requires that a hole be dug into the ground, you need to be really sure of where you want to place this piece of equipment.



One of the major reasons that people choose to get an in ground trampoline has to do with aesthetics. An above ground trampoline is much harder to camouflage and hide. If you are incredibly particular about how your yard looks, then getting a trampoline that is placed in the ground will be easier to blend in with the surrounding landscaping.


Another reason people consider getting an in ground trampoline has to do with safety. This is especially true if you don’t want to mess with ladders or adding a net around your equipment (although you can still do this if you want). This can be beneficial for smaller kids to keep them safe as they enter and exit the equipment.Whether or not you get an above ground or in ground trampoline, it’s important to realize that they come with safety risks. Their job is to bounce people high into the air, sometimes as high as 10 feet depending on the type you get. Falling from that height, whether the trampoline is in the ground or above it can cause injury.However, unlike the above ground equipment, you won’t have to worry about high winds if you place the trampoline in the ground. It will stay securely in place and won’t become a flying hazard.


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There are benefits to placing your trampoline in the ground of your yard. These include those that were mentioned before, including keeping the aesthetic value of your backyard and being safer. Some other benefits include:


The appeal of all trampolines is that they can be a lot of fun. In ground trampolines can add even more fun because everyone has the chance to use them without having to worry about climbing to get onto it or having farther to fall if an accident occurs.


Getting a trampoline for exercise is a great idea, and it’s possible to spend hours outside jumping with your trampoline. This can burn a lot of calories. If you’re the type of person who wants to exercise, but you don’t want it to feel like work, then getting a trampoline is a good idea.Exercising on a trampoline is also less impactful than other types of exercise. This means that your joints won’t see as much wear and tear, but you can still get in good shape and feel great about yourself.


One of the other potential dangers that comes with trampolines is getting hurt on exposed parts. This includes the springs and frame. With an in ground trampoline, the frame is pretty much out of the equation because most of it is covered by the ground. When it comes to the springs, these are covered by a pad, so the chances of getting caught in between them is greatly reduced.


As mentioned, there are risks associated with any trampoline that you might decide to get. There’s a chance that a person could fall off and connect with the ground or they could get caught in the springs. Although these risks are minimized with an in ground trampoline, they do still exist. 



When it comes to putting a trampoline in the ground, you’ll need to know ahead of time where you want to place it. It can add to the aesthetic value of your backyard because it can blend in with the environment, but it has to be in the right spot. You won’t want it near any hazards, including trees, fences, power poles, or any other structures. If jumpers hit these, this could cause injury.


When looking for the best place to put a trampoline in the ground, you’ll need to consider the drainage. If water gets into the hole, this could cause a lot of problems, including allowing rust to form on the frame or springs.

Having water pooling under the equipment could also lead to other issues, such as creating a place where mosquitoes can breed and water can go stagnant, creating an unpleasant smell. It’s also possible to make the ground unstable. Good drainage is important.


One of the reasons an above ground trampoline works so well is because it has a lot of air moving under it. Placing a trampoline in the ground, this can reduce the amount of airflow and change how the mat bounces. People may not be able to get the super high bounces they want.This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. If kids aren’t being bounced as high into the air, then the chances for injury may be reduced. However, they may not think the trampoline is as fun if they aren’t going as high with every jump.


When you decide to put a trampoline in the ground at your home, you will have to dig a hole. The size of that hole will depend on the size of the trampoline. You will also need to make sure it’s deep enough to allow the mat to stretch down and bounce jumpers back up. Even if this is something you decide to do yourself, you will incur costs.

In addition, you will have to know where the utilities are located around your property to avoid hitting those while digging the hole. This may require someone from the city coming out to do a survey, which may require permits. Knowing the laws and expectations before digging the hole for the in ground trampoline is beneficial.

Not only will you have to worry about the cost of digging a hole, but you may also add some features, such as landscaping or a retaining wall, to help with drainage around the trampoline. This will also add to the cost of placing a trampoline in the ground at your home.

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An in ground trampoline won’t be as mobile as an above ground one. That means that if you decide to move the equipment, it will become a huge undertaking. If you think that you may want to move your trampoline at some point, then placing it in the ground may not be the best idea.


Installing a trampoline in the ground will take time. This includes the time you need for digging the hole, putting the equipment together, and then adding the landscaping around the area. Conversely, installing an above ground trampoline only requires time to put the equipment together.


If something happens to the trampoline, whether it’s to the mat, frame, or springs, you’ll need to be able to quickly and easily make repairs so everyone can get back to jumping as soon as possible. If the equipment is placed in the ground, it may not be as easy to access so you can fix problems.In addition, if someone accidentally drops something into the hole beneath the trampoline, you’ll want to be able to get it out. This is possible to arrange, but only by adding access to the hole when installing the equipment. It’s something you’ll need to be aware of when deciding if an in ground trampoline is what you really want.


There are a lot of benefits to having a trampoline at your home, including hours of fun and getting in some exercise. Deciding whether you want the trampoline above ground or in the ground will be determined by personal preference and how much time you want to spend on the process.

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