There are several reasons why you may need to know how to measure a trampoline mat and springs. You may need to purchase a replacement part such as a new jump mat, padding, or additional springs. Or you may want to add on a safety net enclosure if one was not included with your trampoline when you purchased it.

It is important that you order replacement parts for your trampoline as soon as you notice any signs of wear and tear. While trampoline mats and other parts are designed to withstand years of use, the fabric and springs can easily become damaged or worn down over time. Failure to replace these parts could result in a serious injury, so be sure to inspect your trampoline often.

To make sure that you buy the right replacement part for your trampoline, you need to know the exact measurements. But how do you accurately measure a trampoline?

How to Measure a Trampoline to Buy Replacement Parts

This will explain the best way to measure a round trampoline. Although there are some rectangular or square trampolines available, the majority of trampolines have a round jumping surface.

There are a few measurements that you will need to have to guarantee that you get the correct replacement part. For round jumping mats you will need to find out the frame diameter size. The spring count, and the spring length.

The get the diameter of the frame, you must measure from one outside edge of the frame across to the other outside edge. To measure the length of the springs, remove one spring and measure it completely from one hook to the other.

By using these measurements along with the spring count, you will be able to find the right replacement jump mat you need for your trampoline.

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How to Measure for a Replacement Safety Pad

The safety pad or spring cover is the round padding that goes over the springs on your trampoline to prevent injury while it is in use. These parts will endure wear and tear over time and are usually one of the first things that need to be replaced on a trampoline that is used often.

To get the correct replacement safety pad, you will need to know the diameter of the trampoline frame, and the width of your old pad that you want to replace. By using these measurements, you should be able to find the right spring cover so that you can go back to jumping on your trampoline safely.

How to Measure to Replace Other Parts on your Trampoline  

IF you need to buy a new safety net for your trampoline, you will need to know the frame diameter and find out how many poles or arches that are currently on your trampoline’s frame.

If you require additional parts such as poles or other hardware, you will still need the frame diameter size and also check to see if your enclosure system needs a “U” shaped leg to attach to. Some trampolines have these particular legs and others do not. Therefore, you should double check to make sure you are ordering the right replacement part.

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Things to Remember When Ordering Replacement Parts for your Trampoline

There are a few things that you should remember when ordering replacement parts for your trampoline. Even if you understand how to measure a trampoline frame accurately, you may still be unsure about the correct size of your jump mat.

Remember that most trampoline frames are made in an even foot amount. That means they are available in 8, 10, or 12-foot sizes and so on. As long as you remain at least 2-inches within the correct size, you shouldn’t have any problems installing your new jump pad.

Also keep in mind when ordering a new safety pad that some trampoline models require the pad to have slots for the enclosure poles that hold up the safety netting.

If you need this type of spring pad, you may want to check the manufacturer’s website first to see if there are any factory replacement parts available before you try to find a universal type of safety pad.

Information You Will Need When Ordering Replacement Trampoline Springs

When you need to order replacement trampoline springs, you will need to find out the total spring length and the spring count. Remove one of the springs from your trampoline and measure it from one hook to the other. Do not just measure the spring itself or attempt to pull the spring apart.

Find the Right Part for Your Trampoline

If you are unsure about buying a replacement part from an online retailer, you can always get in touch with the company that manufactured your trampoline to find out if they sell replacement parts instead. This is a great way to ensure that you get the exact parts that you need since the company can look up the information based on your trampoline’s model number instead of measurements alone.

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