Nothing beats the simple exhilaration and excitement of jumping on a trampoline. Whether you’re brand new to it and simply jumping up and down, or you’re a pro that can do all kinds of flips and tricks, it’s fun for all ages and skill levels. But for those of you who are tired of looking like a beginner and want to take your skills to the next level, the first advanced trick you’ll want to learn is how to do a front flip on a trampoline.

The front flip is a trick that separates the beginners from the advanced jumpers. Nearly anyone who’s spent some time on a trampoline can do a knee bounce or a 360 spin, but when you learn how to front flip, people can tell that you know what you’re doing. Once you learn, all your friends will want to know how too! Front flips are also the foundation for many other tricks as well, so once you learn how to do it, many other advanced tricks become much easier. Not only is the front flip impressive to others, but it’s also extremely fun and satisfying to land!


image of a young boy doing flip on trampoline

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There will always be a small amount of risk when you’re doing just about anything on a trampoline. However, like anything else on a trampoline, doing a front flip is perfectly safe if you are careful and you know what you’re doing. People have been doing flips on trampolines for a long time, and everyone who can land one had to learn how to do it at one point or another. Front flips are advanced, but not so advanced that only professionals should be doing them. As long as you are being careful and following our instructions, any beginner that wants to learn this more advanced trick should be able to, and will be perfectly safe doing it.

The number one thing to avoid when trying to learn how to do a front flip on a trampoline is landing on your head or neck, which can cause some pretty serious injuries. Landing on the head usually happens when jumpers aren’t confident enough when they start their flip. They might hesitate as they are flipping, causing them to not rotate enough while in midair, and then they’ll land on their head instead of their back. So whatever you do, make sure that you fully commit to flipping all the way around before you try it.


Before you learn how to do a front flip, or an advanced trick of any kind, you should be fully comfortable and confident while just jumping or doing any basic tricks on a trampoline. If you are still a beginner or are nervous while you’re just jumping, you probably should not try a trick like this just yet. The most important thing about landing this trick is confidence and commitment, so make sure that you really know your way around the trampoline before attempting.

If you’re not there yet, the best thing you can do to build your jumping skills is to simply jump more often! The more you jump, the better you’ll get, and you’ll find yourself ready to try the front flip in no time.

Before you begin practicing for the front flip, you’ll want to make sure you have the trampoline all to yourself. Make sure that nothing and no one is in your way so you don’t go crashing into anything. Some people like to have their friends give them a double bounce before they flip so that they can get extra air, but you should never try that while you’re learning how to do the trick. The extra air from a double bounce can also make you over-rotate, causing you to land on your head; so make sure you have the trampoline all to yourself while you’re learning.

One more precaution you can take for extra safety is to have someone nearby watching you while you practice. That way, they can get you help if anything goes wrong while you’re learning. What’s even better is if the person watching you can do a flip themselves, and can give you tips and pointers as you’re practicing!


person doing high flip

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Before you should attempt a front flip, you should start by mastering the somersault first to get a feel for the motion. To do a somersault, simply roll forward on the trampoline onto your back, and pick yourself up onto your feet. By learning this trick first you will get a feel for the rolling-forward motion you need to successfully front flip. Do it over and over again to the point that you can do it successfully without even thinking about it.


Once you have mastered the somersault, you should attempt to do the same trick but by lightly jumping into it. In other words, instead of starting the somersault by rolling forward, you’ll jump forward, landing on your back. This should look a lot like a regular somersault but with an added jump into the rolling motion. Make sure that you really commit to the jump at the beginning so that you can rotate enough to land on your back and not on your head or neck.


Now that you can jump and somersault, you’re ready to learn the full flipping technique. You’ll find that the motion required to flip is a lot like the jumping somersault, but instead of rolling forward on the ground, you’ll be rolling forward in the air. Start by bouncing and get yourself a good bit of air, and when you’re ready, flip your body like you did in the somersault and land on the trampoline on your back. For extra practice, another trick you can work on that will also be helpful is the front handspring, since it has a very similar motion to the somersault and front flip.


It’s important to spend some time perfecting your flipping technique and landing on your back before you try landing a front flip so that you’ll know how to fall properly. Make sure that you get plenty of reps in so that you can get a feel for the flipping motion, and so that you know how to comfortably fall on your back for when you make a mistake.

That way, when you start trying to land it and mess up, you won’t hurt yourself; you’ll simply fall on your back safely like you’ve practiced. If you have access to a foam pit like they have at many trampoline parks, flipping into one is an excellent way to practice the flipping motion that also reduces the risk of injury and helps to make it extra fun!


Once you’ve mastered the flipping motion and landing on your back, it’s time to attempt landing your first front flip. To start, you’ll need to bounce a bit higher than when you were practicing so that you’ll have enough air to fully rotate. Start flipping, but this time, do it as fast as you can. When you properly combine the extra air and the faster flipping motion, you should be able to rotate fully in the air before you land, coming down on your feet. Keep your knees bent on the landing so that it’s easier to steady yourself. Congratulations: you just did your first front flip!


If you’re not able to land on your feet at first, you should start by jumping higher and flipping faster until you can fully rotate before coming down so that you can land on your feet. If you’re still landing on your back, that means that you’re not flipping fast enough. You need to keep trying to jump higher and flip faster. On the other hand, if you’re landing on your stomach that means you’re flipping too fast and you need to rotate a little bit slower.


Once you can consistently land on your feet, it’s time to start cleaning it up and improving your form. One simple way you can do this is by tucking your legs into your arms by hugging your knees as you rotate in the air. This will make you more compact and aerodynamic, allowing you to rotate faster. Not only does tucking your legs help you flip faster, but it also makes your flip look cooler and more impressive!


young boy doing a flip on trampoline failing

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Once you successfully learn the trick, I’m sure you’ll agree that the front flip is one of the most fun and satisfying tricks you can do on a trampoline. It is a great way to build confidence on the trampoline, and it’s sure to impress your friends and family! Once you master it, you can start looking into more advanced tricks like the aerial or backflip. Always make sure that you fully commit to each flip so that you land either on your feet or safely on your back, and not your head or neck. Remember to be careful, stay safe, and have fun!