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little girl jumping on trampoline

image source: Pixabay

Jumping around on a trampoline provides unlimited fun for an adult seeking a solid workout or a child playfully reaching for the stars. Everyone can benefit from owning a trampoline. We were wondering just how much does a trampoline cost, so we did a little jumping around of our own and found the answer.

Once you start researching trampolines, you’ll quickly realize trampolines vary hugely in price depending on size, style, and safety features. Above ground trampolines sell at different price points than in-ground trampolines.


blue round trampoline on a green grass

image source: Pixabay

Depending on what kind of trampoline you plan on purchasing, the price varies. Whether your children have been begging for a trampoline or someone recommended you one for your home–maybe you’ve just always wanted one–you will want to know how much does a trampoline cost before you decide. The price of a trampoline typically starts at around $ but can exceed $$$. This price range covers trampolines from the very common circular trampolines to specialty manufactured trampolines.


Figuring out the answer to the question “how much does a trampoline cost” will depend on what kind of trampoline you intend on putting in your yard. Many factors affect a trampoline’s price. Prior to purchasing a trampoline, determine what you want out of a trampoline. What is your goal for purchasing a trampoline? Is a reasonable price important to you or, like most parents, is safety going to be the primary driving factor? Expectations differ from person to person.


boy jumping on a trampoline

image source: Pixabay

You may wonder “how much does a trampoline cost that is safe for the whole family but still affordable?” Security and safety features are a major priority for most people in the market for a trampoline.


Before you find out how much does a trampoline cost, really consider your options. Many trampoline brands provide ladders, protective covers, stakes, spring covers, and even a surrounding safety mat. You probably will not purchase a trampoline that has every one of these features. Just be sure to pay attention to the packaging details to know what accessories will be included with your trampoline.


Many people will only purchase trampolines equipped with safety nets. The safety net prevents anyone from jumping off the edge of the trampoline and possibly suffering a severe injury. There are many enclosures for trampolines to choose from. Keep in mind that safety features are great, but they are expensive.

If you discover a trampoline that is priced way below the average, the chances are it doesn’t come with a safety net. Many Chinese trampoline manufacturers omit including a safety net in favor of barebones trampolines for dirt cheap. A lot of cheap trampolines aren’t made by trusted brands, have little quality control, and are best avoided.


Many people in the process of purchasing a trampoline for their home often overlook a trampoline’s weight limit. The last thing you want is to decide on a trampoline that doesn’t have the weight limit you and your family need. Those weight limits are usually there because the manufacturer has tested their model and knows exactly what it can handle.

Overlooking weight limits is careless and dangerous. Weight limits have little effect on the price of the trampoline, which is good for you because you can afford to make sure you purchase a trampoline that will hold your desired weight limit. Be sure you know the weight limit you and your family require before buying a trampoline, and don’t forget to consider the weight when multiple children are using it.


Launching off the trampoline into the sky can exhilarate, but falling back down to the trampoline only to have your foot get caught in the springs is a painful landing that is easily preventable. Don’t wind up in the emergency room with the mangled ankle your great aunt warned you about. Consider getting a trampoline with spring covers.

Often, spring covers go unnoticed as they’re underrated, but they serve a purpose and keep those dangerous springs safely covered, allowing you to focus on practicing your double backflip without getting caught in the springs. You should check how much does a trampoline cost that comes with spring covers.


Anyone who is considering purchasing a trampoline has to decide on what size trampoline to get. Ask yourself these important questions. What size works best for you and your family’s trampoline needs? How much space do you have in your backyard for a trampoline?

You should avoid buying a trampoline that’s too big for your family and yard. The last thing you want to do is get the wrong size, creating hazardous trampoline conditions that take all the fun out of bouncing.


  • Trampoline Safety Nets: $ to $$$
  • Trampoline Spring Covers: $ to $$$
  • Trampoline Anchor Kits: $ to $$
  • Trampoline Ladders: $ to $$
  • Trampoline Safety Pads: $ to $$$


blue round trampoline

image source: Pixabay

You have the option to make your child’s playtime even more fun with additional accessories for your trampoline. A trampoline’s features effect the cost. We’ve already discussed safety features; let’s focus on other accessories that are all about fun.

Sometimes all a family needs for an extra dose of excitement and happiness is a trampoline tent. Yeah, they make trampoline tents. You and your kids can fly high and slam dunk like vintage Michael Jordan with a trampoline basketball hoop. Perhaps you’d rather not climb down from your trampoline when you can use a trampoline slide. Take a minute and research the many accessories available for you to make your trampoline more fun than ever.


  • Trampoline tents: $ to $$$
  • Trampoline slides: $ to $$$
  • Trampoline basketball hoops: $ to $$


four black trampoline

image source: Pixabay

You probably already have an idea as to what kind of trampoline you want to buy. Maybe you’re considering a full-sized circular trampoline for your cousins to do side-winding front flips on. Some folks are determined to purchase a square trampoline meant for gymnastics. Sometimes people are just starting to figure out what they really want out of a trampoline, so they don’t even know what kind of trampoline meets their needs.


The price of a trampoline will vary based on size and style. Professional rectangular trampolines are usually more expensive than the common round trampolines we see in the yards and the backwoods around America. If this is your first time purchasing a trampoline, you might be surprised at how expensive they can be. When it comes to trampolines, you get what you pay for.


The most popular kind of trampoline is the round style. Circular trampolines are primarily for recreational use. Simply put, these trampolines are awesome fun. Round trampolines are available at very affordable prices because of ferocious competition among manufacturers, which forces trampoline brands to keep prices low. Most people go with the traditional 10- or 16-foot circular trampolines. The price of these traditional circular trampolines is about $$ to $$$.


  • 10 foot circular trampoline: $
  • 12 foot circular trampoline: $$
  • 14 foot circular trampoline: $$$
  • 16 foot circular trampoline: $$$


Maybe you or someone in your family is a gymnast and you’re in the market for a professional grade square or rectangle trampoline. The price range for these rectangle trampolines is about $$ to $$$.


Maybe your trampoline needs are unique. Sometimes the trampoline you want just isn’t available because there isn’t a demand for it. No worries. You can work with a specialty manufacturer to fine tune your trampoline needs. These trampolines can range from $ to $$ and the higher-end models could exceed $$$.

Enjoy Your Trampoline

Be sure to have a budget that allows you to choose a quality trampoline. Quality trampolines are well built, durable, and safe. Don’t go spend your entire paycheck on the best trampoline money can buy; that’s unrealistic and just silly. Plus, you’ve got to put food on the table or the state will get involved.

Decide on a trampoline that’s well within your price range that will also meet your needs. Now that you have an idea of how much does a trampoline cost, you are ready to make an informed purchasing decision.