Half Fold CELLERCISER Kit Review – Does It Stand Up to the Hype?

Half Fold CELLERCISER Kit Review – Does It Stand Up to the Hype?Introducing a rebounder that allows users to bounce themselves towards an insanely toned, strong, healthy body, while providing the valuable convenience of easy storage and transportation.

Monday afternoon – Work done. Kids fetched. Dinner prepped. House cleaned. Errands done.

Gym? Not a chance. Finding time to fit in an intensive hour of exercise is a challenge for most people who work an eight to five job, or those who simply cannot afford to sacrifice 60 minutes of their valuable time.

For such reasons, the Cellerciser presents itself as a godsend. Not only does this mini-trampoline give you an insanely mind-blowing workout that requires only ten minutes of your time, but it has been designed in such a way that considers and caters for your life beyond that miniscule ten minute period.

It recognises the fact that (a) you live a busy life, with a busy schedule, (b) you desire a hard-core workout that exercises every muscle in your body, (c) your daily life requires you to move between different environments, and (d) your exercise resources are limited when wanting to work out at home, or when you are on the move, thus needing to save on space.

The Half-Fold Cellerciser is the only rebounder to build upon the convenience of its easy storage and transportation, as well as treating its users to some exciting accessories at no extra cost.

Invented by rebounding guru Dave Hall, and existing as a culmination of 20 years of consistent upgrades, the Cellerciser is a product that considers the daily movement and needs of its users inside and outside of the workout.

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Product Information


  • Triple-tiered tapered spring design – adjusts to jumping style and weight of each individual, up to 300lbs.
  • Folds in half, plus foldable legs, catering for easy storage and transportation in homes, cars, airplanes, etc. (competing rebounders require an additional fee to install foldable legs alone).
  • Comes with extra accessories at no extra cost, a bonus that is unique to the Cellerciser brand.
  • The Cellerciser Kit includes: “Don’t Exercise, Cellercise” DVD, “Cellercise, The Ultimate Exercise” DVD, Carrying Bag and Folding Rebounder (Folds in Half).
  • Replaceable springs, and a 5 year warranty (minus springs).


The Workout:

Similar to other high-quality rebounders, the Cellerciser performs innumerable benefits to the overall performance of your body, all the way down to the cellular level, as stated on the Cellerciser website.

For further interest in the benefits of a HIGH QUALITY rebounder for your workout:

But, what makes the Half-Fold CELLERCISER stand out from other High-Quality Rebounders?

Half Fold CELLERCISER Kit ReviewIn two words: EXTRA CONVENIENCE.

The Cellerciser presents an affordable, high-quality exercise method that allows you to transport your workout to any location, quickly and easily. By utilising its unique fold-up design and carrier bag, you can whip out the rebounder anywhere, at any time.

Additionally, the two instructional DVDs that are included in the package (at no extra cost) serve as a guarantee that you will gain a maximum workout in the shortest amount of time.

Benefits Outside of the Workout:

  • Extremely affordable when considering its high quality, and the prices of its main competitor.
  • Can fit into the flow of your everyday schedule by being extra space-conscious and easily transported (e.g. easy to take on holiday by packing into car or airplane overhead storage).
  • Easy set up – simply unfold body and legs.
  • Inclusive of 2 instructional DVDs and a Carry bag.
  • A website filled with FREE workout videos: https://cellercise.com/exercise-videos/
  • And helpful Q&A’s: https://cellercise.com/faqs/

WAIT! What to consider before buying the CELLERCISER?

The one, if not only complaint amongst Cellerciser users is the squeaking noise that the springs make while jumping, an issue that has deterred users from buying the product. However, a thorough consideration of whether the inevitable squeak of springs should throw you off of a highly beneficial product, is something that is entirely up to you.

All in all, if you’re looking for a high quality exercise product at a realistic, affordable price, then the Half-Fold Cellerciser will not only meet your criteria, but will reward you tenfold with its mega-convenient features.  Once you’ve got your mind set upon this incredible deal, head over to Amazon to purchase it.

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