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kid bouncing on a trampoline

Why You Want A Trampoline

Trampolines have a lot of health implications and can help improve blood circulation, relieve anxiety, increase coordination.

The health benefits of a trampoline are quite impressive as they can provide you with an opportunity for low-impact cardio workouts and improve your lymphatic function. As you jump, you will also get better at keeping your balance and improving your overall coordination.

Of course, there’s the bonus of trampolines just being fun to use. Feeling that bounce is a fun form of exercise that can be perfect if you enjoy bouncing through the air.

They’re also found in different shapes and different sizes, making them something you can put into just about any backyard or even in your house.

Over time, many brands have become reputable and earned a place among the top ones, much like the Bounce Pro trampoline.

You’ll find Bounce Pro trampolines in your local stores like Walmart or online via Amazon and is often thought to be one of the best brands available on the market.

three kids jumping on a trampoline with a safety net

Bounce Pro Trampoline Reviews

It’s no secret that trampolines are meant to be fun while giving you the opportunity to make healthy choices by using it. These reasons are generally why people choose to purchase a trampoline.

As you research trampolines, you’re going to come across plenty of information on a variety of different trampolines.

We’re here to help you sift through the information by giving you one of our very own Bounce Pro Trampoline reviews.


Here are some key things that you need to know regarding the 14’ trampoline from Bounce Pro.

Trampoline Specs

  • Diameter: 14’ x 14’
  • Construction material: galvanized steel
  • Springs: galvanized steel
  • Jump mat: UV resistant
  • Max weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years, limited

Safety Enclosure Specifications

  • Poles: padded
  • Ring top: Steelflex ring top

Safety Features

  • Reinforcement: double steel plate on leg joints
  • Visibility: 360 degrees

The Pros of a Bounce Pro Trampoline

You’ll see Bounce Pro trampolines in 14 and 15-foot options with 14-foot models being the most common. The measurement refers to the diameter across, so you’ll need to decide if that extra foot makes a difference to you.

Along with the large jumping area, Bounce Pro trampolines are also highly durable. These trampolines also come with safety enclosures.

Enclosures are essential because they help your kids from falling out. Additionally, the structure of the designed enclosure will keep you from the impact you’d feel if you fell out.

The 14’ model with electric game offers an additional bonus of being interactive with the jumpers. This is a huge plus because it means your kids will be outside more often.

Construction of the trampoline is also quite excellent in that it is easy to assemble and robust once completed. Just be careful to verify that all of the parts are there before you get started building.

Something else that might sway you to purchase of these is to remember that they are one of the lower priced models available on the market.

The Cons of a Bounce Pro Trampoline

If you want something that is going to last for a really long time, then the Bounce Pro is not going to be the best choice. Be aware that while the price is superb, it probably won’t last for more than a few years.

As was mentioned earlier, always make sure to check for parts because it is not unusual to have parts missing. You’ll need to make sure you have everything so you can get it set up properly.


  • Highly durable
  • Structure will keep you from the impact you’d feel if you fell out
  • Easy to assemble
  • one of the lower priced models available on the market


  • probably won’t last for more than a few years
  • it is not unusual to have parts missing

kid happily jumping mid-air

Reasons to Buy the Bounce Pro Trampoline

If you are new to trampolines and aren’t sure where to go with them, the Bounce Pro trampoline is the perfect entry level piece of equipment.

Since they are less expensive than their counterparts, they are an excellent choice for a first timer. With the price tag, you’ll find plenty of amenities that are often found in higher priced models.

Some of these amenities include the safety enclosure net. Products that are similar in price and size don’t have the net included more often than not.

The addition of the game is a perk that is often not available in similarly priced models, too.

Real Reviews from Real People

There are over 500 four and five-star reviews. Below are a few of the positive ones followed by a few negative ones.


“I stood in line on thanksgiving (sic) day for 2hrs for this. So thrilled that I didn’t buy it two days prior b/c I bought it for $149.00. Awesome right? Anywho, my child loves it and so do I. I put it together all by myself. The only thing I needed help with was to flip it over to its rights (sic) side after I put frame together. That’s how I did it anyway but I believe the instructions says different. The net is really nice. I like the poles that keep the top of the net in a circle shape, keeping the top net from saggy. My only complain (sic) is the foam that goes around the safety net poles, they’re not meant to last and the top of ours have torn. And another thing which isn’t really a complaint is I don’t understand what the light device is for, it doesn’t light up like the box shows, which would have kool (sic) (unless I haven’t noticed b/c we don’t jump in complete darkness). It snaps back when you jump above it, since it is hanging on the bottom of the trampoline. So easy fix is to just not use it.” – 5-stars from MommyOfA1yrOld at Walmart

“Bought this trampoline almost 2 years ago and we love it! It provides plenty of space for our kids and their friends to play. It took an afternoon to set up but wasn’t too difficult to put together. I love the piece (sic) of mind with the enclosure. Our kids have accidentally bumped into it many times and I’m really glad it’s there! The trampoline has stood up to lots of use and harsh weather (wind, rain, sun, and snow) and it’s still going strong! The only thing that could be improved is the “Electron Shooter Game.” It takes an unusual battery size (not your standard AA or AAA), so we’ve never used it.” – 5-stars from ReviewGeex at Walmart

“I researched for awhile for a 14+ foot trampoline with enclosure and good/great reviews. Like everyone, I wanted the lowest price and best quality. Reviews were good but what really drew me in was the rod that goes around the top of the enclosure to keep the netting up. In the stock pictures you will notice the net is even at the top all the way around. Too many of my friends had their nets falling down due to poor design at the top. The price at Walmart for this was $267.00 plus $3.00 shipping to my door. It came in 2 large heavy boxes. Well worth the $3.00. Instructions were good. Follow the pictures and descriptions and you will be fine. It calls for 2-3 people to put this thing together. I did it myself in 3 hours. (This was my first time ever putting gone together). Next time I will have it done much quicker. My wife helped at the end when it was time to install the enclosure. I gave it 4 tars for fear of the unknown. My 2 and 4 yr olds have only been jumping on it for a week or so. It’s great so far. My wife jumps too. Weight limit is 220 lbs which is about normal for these. I’m 190 lbs but am being cautious and not jumping hard. If you are looking for a good trampoline, try this one. Price is right and design seems to be better than most in this price range. If price doesn’t matter to you, check out other sporting good stores or trampoline stores online. Good luck!” – 4-stars from DRP44 at Walmart


“We purchased this for our twins for their birthday. Given that it was a surprise, we didn’t assemble the trampoline until the night before their birthday. While I was working to assemble the enclosure, I discovered that the tent-pole piece was defected (BouncePro had put the wrong part on the one of the arms of the pole). We called them and explained the situation and our frustration that our twins can’t fully enjoy the trampoline until we can install the enclosure, and they assured us that they would send our (sic) the correct part that very day. We were pleased with the response. However, come to find out that it’s almost a week later and they have just barely sent the part. By the time the part arrives, we’ll have had this trampoline for 2 weeks and our toddlers haven’t even been able to fully enjoy it because the manufacturer assembled the wrong part (honest mistake, I understand), but then took their time to send the correct part. If it wasn’t a pain to take a part, we’d just return it.” – 3-stars from Mack at Walmart

“This is our 4th trampoline so I can say we know their construction and characteristics fairly well. This trampoline was an ok deal. It went together easily and the kids went straight to bouncing. The only complaint is it’s saggy. I don’t know if it’s the mat or the springs but it just isn’t a tight mat. It should stay taught the whole time. This one is floppy while they jump. I like the spinner light. It hooks underneath the trampoline and once turned on, is motion activated. I’m glad no one has to shinny under the mat to turn it on each time. Overall, an ok deal. I’m going to inquire to the manufacturer about the mat though.” – 3-stars from ssdd101 at Walmart

girl jumping on a trampoline

A Quick Few Words About The Bounce Pro Trampoline Reviews

Think about the reviews that we’ve covered here and take them with a grain of salt. One of the negative reviews had issues with customer service and parts missing. The other was about the quality of the bounce mat.

The bounce mat complaint is not a common complaint which likely means that it was a result of poor quality control at that time. However, if you look at the positive reviews, there are far more positive reviews than there are negative reviews.

Choosing to Buy a Bounce Pro Trampoline

If you want to buy a trampoline but don’t want to fork over a ton of cash, then this is the option for you. Read through other reviews, too, to get a good idea of what you’d be getting.

Do some research into other trampolines, too, in case you’ve got a bigger budget to use. You’d be happy to find many other options available, as well.

In any case, do your homework and you’ll be happy with what you get so long as you are informed.