A trampoline can be a great part of an activity-filled backyard, giving kids the opportunity to burn off energy by jumping around and letting gymnasts and aerialists practice their moves in a controlled environment. Trampolines are made of durable, elastic fabric to withstand powerful jumps, but the fabric is vulnerable to harsh weather. That’s why experts recommend a durable trampoline cover to keep your trampoline safe so it’s just as elastic come spring for jumping season to begin.

Picking the best trampoline cover can be tricky, because some low-cost models may not provide the protection you need and you’re putting the health of a valuable activity tool in the hands of your trampoline cover. That’s why here at Trampoline First, we’ve put together a list of the ten best trampoline covers to keep your trampoline in good shape through the winter. Read on to discover the perfect trampoline cover to ensure your trampoline doesn’t lose any bounce to the weather or climate.


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Trampoline covers are primarily designed to keep trampolines safe during the winter, and during harsh winters the fabric can freeze if exposed to the elements. Trampoline covers are also waterproof and are recommended during storms to prevent excess moisture and mold buildup in the fabric.


The best trampoline covers are made from durable, waterproof synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester, and other polymers.


A trampoline cover should be sufficient to protect your trampoline during mild winters and rain, but during high winds we recommend breaking it down and storing it safely inside.


Most of these covers have an elastic rim, making it easy to seal them in place.


The following list of the ten best trampoline covers are available at Amazon and at sporting goods stores. A selection may be found at all-purpose retailers like Walmart.


The following list of the ten best trampoline covers was reviewed based on affordability, durability, ease of fitting over the trampoline, ease of removal, waterproofing quality, sun-and-cold proofing quality, appearance and color choices, and ability to withstand harsh climates.


  • Upper Bounce Economy Trampoline Weather Protection Cover
  • JumpSport Trampoline Weather Cover
  • Jumpking Laminated 15 Round Trampoline Weather Cover
  • Pure Fun Trampoline Cover
  • Skywalker Trampolines Weather Cover
  • Exacme Round Trampoline Frame Protection Weather and Rain Cover
  • Upper Bounce 15′ Trampoline Protection Cover
  • Propel Trampolines Weather Cover
  • Upper Bounce 13′ Trampoline Protection Cover
  • Lejump Trampoline Round Leaf Net Cover

Upper Bounce Economy Trampoline Weather Protection Cover

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If you’re looking for a low-cost trampoline covering to keep your bounce pad secure during winters and rough weather conditions, this is a strong no-frills model from trusted manufacturer Upper Bounce. It’s made from durable polyethylene fabric with two-sided lamination, providing 100% UV resistance and waterproofing to protect the valuable fabric of your trampoline. The installed draining facility is a great addition for rain, as the water sloughs off the trampoline and won’t cause moisture and mold buildup.

This cover is easy to set up thanks to elastic S-hook connectors that attach to the trampoline and unhook easily when the new season rolls around. This cover protects the entire trampoline including accessories, putting your mind at ease during the offseason.

JumpSport Trampoline Weather Cover

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If you have a high-end JumpSport trampoline with the associated safety enclosure, putting a cover on your trampoline for the offseason can mean dismantling the structure – unless you have this specially designed model. A simple one-piece design replaces the standard elastic hooks with a set of velcro-like attachments and buckles that let you attach a cover inside the enclosure. It provides protection from UV rays and water and covers both the trampoline bed and the safety pad.

Designed to fit a fourteen-foot round trampoline, this cover is made from durable PVC-coated polyester, so it’s both sturdy and breathable and will leave your JumpSport trampoline in great shape for the spring.

Jumpking Laminated 15 Round Trampoline Weather Cover

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This cover is built to fit all standard fifteen-foot trampolines, and is compatible with most common brands, making it a popular choice for anyone who wants to protect their round trampoline from the weather. This cover is made from durable polyester material and is cut to fit trampolines that have four W or U-shaped legs, and comes with attached hooks for linking to the V-rings. It protects from sun, cold, and water, and is easy to attach when the instructions are followed – although the option for expert assembly is available.

The attached drainage holes prevent water from building and causing mold, making this a low-cost solution to keep your trampoline secure during the off-season and harsh weather.

Pure Fun Trampoline Cover

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Pure Fun is a popular brand for low-cost kid-friendly trampolines, and this low-cost cover can extend the life of your trampoline fabric while being as easy-to-use and intuitive as the rest of their products. Made from heavy-duty 130g polyethylene with a PVC waterproof coating, this cover comes with a central drain to keep water from building up on your trampoline. Coming in an attractive forest green color, it blends into the environment and boosts the UV protection, and the cover securely connects to the leg base as for a strong center of gravity.

It’s easy to strap to your trampoline and doesn’t require dismantling the trampoline, and it takes less than five minutes to apply and remove at the end and start of jumping season. If you have young kids, this cover also serves as a helpful reminder to stay away from the trampoline during bad weather.

Skywalker Trampolines Weather Cover

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Rectangle trampolines are rarer and more expensive than standard round trampolines, and finding a cover that fits these trampolines securely can be a challenge for owners. That’s where the Skywalker Trampolines Weather Cover comes in, designed to fit the contours of a fourteen-foot rectangular trampoline without having to stretch the corners. It’s made from heavy-duty PVC material with a weatherproof vinyl coating that provides resistance to water, cold, and UV rays.

If you want security, this cover is one of the safest and sturdiest thanks to the heavy-duty cord securing the cover and the clips attached to the V-rings. No need to worry about rain or snow buildup thanks to a convenient drain outlet on the cover.

Exacme Round Trampoline Frame Protection Weather and Rain Cover

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Exacme has carved out a name for itself in the sports gear market by offering the highest level of customizability, and this cover for standard circular trampolines comes in five different sizes ranging from ten to fifteen feet. It offers durable protection thanks to the heavy-duty waterproof polyethylene material, which will provide years of use. It’s airtight and resistant to UV rays, offering protection from sunlight, rain, snow, winds, dust, and yard pests that can tear holes in the cover.

It’s easy to install thanks to built-in elastic straps and S-hooks that are easy to hook up without professional help, and few covers offer more thorough protection. Exacme also gets high marks for their effective customer service, putting your mind at ease during the trampoline offseason.

Upper Bounce 15′ Trampoline Protection Cover

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Upper Bounce is one of the most trusted names in trampoline protection, and their covers come in all sizes, including this jumbo-sized blue tarp for fifteen-foot trampolines ideal for gymnasts in training. This cover is designed to protect high-caliber trampolines during harsh weather and offers protection for both the jumping mat and safety pad. Not only does this cover protect your trampoline from common damaging weather conditions like rain, sleet, sun, and extreme cold, but the durable polyethylene material keeps dust and pests out.

This cover attaches to your trampoline frame with convenient S-hooks that affix in minutes to the jumping mat’s V-rings. It gets high marks for its easy hookup and user-friendly instructions.

Propel Trampolines Weather Cover

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Propel Trampolines is a popular mid-range company producing family-friendly trampolines, and this durable weather-resistant cover is a good way to extend the life of your trampoline by years. It’s made from a durable woven polyethylene fabric that provides coverage for all four seasons – it’ll protect your trampoline from rain in the spring, UV rays in the summer, falling leaves in the autumn, and snow and bitter cold in the winter. It’s built to fit twelve-foot Propel trampolines but is compatible with similar models from other brands.

Installation is done by removing enclosure poles and laying them on the trampoline, then affixing the cover on top with the strong draw-cords. This low-cost cover is one of the most versatile on the market and will give you year-round coverage.

Upper Bounce 13′ Trampoline Protection Cover

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The third Upper Bounce model on the list, this cover is built to cover standard thirteen-foot trampolines from the manufacturer and has the same high-quality Polyethylene material that gives the company its strong reputation. The cover is useful year-round and protects your trampoline from rain, snow, and environmental hazards like leaves and dust, but Upper Bounce models are best known for their 100% UV protection. That makes this cover a fantastic choice for the summer, and the sleek black design is a low-key and attractive way to cover your trampoline.

It’s one of the easiest trampoline covers to attach, coming with convenient S-hooks that attach to the trampoline’s V-rings. You should get years of use out of this low-cost cover.

Lejump Trampoline Round Leaf Net Cover

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Finding a trampoline cover that fits an enclosed trampoline can be a hassle, as most models require you to dismantle the structure and reassemble it each time the cover comes off. This model from Lejump is built to fit this trampoline model attaching not to the base of the trampoline but to the top on the poles with little assembly required. This is a leaf net, not a traditional trampoline cover, so it’s best for use in the fall season when the shedding trees can cause a blanket of leaves filled with moisture and bugs.

This is one of the easiest trampoline covers to attach, with the elastic coating affixing neatly to the top poles and providing protection from foreign objects and UV rays. It’s not waterproof and alternatives are recommended for harsh winters.



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When looking at the ten best trampoline covers on the market, we were struck by how close in quality most of these models were. The average cover provides suitable protection from wind, rain, UV rays, snow, and debris while creating a near-perfect seal to preserve the quality of your fabric for the next jumping season. The best of the best stood out by small degrees over their competitors, and value played a big role.

The deciding factor for us was the user-friendly customizable sizing of one model, offering far more versatility and a more accurate fit. We give our endorsement to the Exacme Round Trampoline Frame Protection Weather and Rain Cover as the best trampoline cover on the market today.

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