Rebounding may just be the most fun you’ll ever have exercising. No, it has nothing to do with basketball – or those terrible 80s exercise videos. The mini trampolines used for rebounding will not only strengthen your muscles but detoxify your body and improve your coordination. We introduced rebounding into our daily workout routines years ago, but if you’ve yet to try it, here are six remarkable and surprising benefits of rebounding to start.


1. Aerobic Bouncing Exercise

This rebound exercise involves any fun moves that you can think of like jumping jacks, twisting, dancing, running in place, etc. The high-intensity trampoline aerobic exercises will get your heart pumping, improve blood circulation and helps oxygen to circulate the entire body.

2. The Health Bounce Exercise

You do this rebound exercise by gently bouncing up and down on the trampoline without lifting your feet off the mat. The low-impact exercise helps increase the lymphatic system flow and blood circulation in the body. You can do this easy exercise for an hour or more.

3. The Strength Bounce Exercise

This trampoline rebound exercise involves jumping up as high as you can. The aerobic exercise helps in improving the balance, strengthens the muscles, and enhances the lymphatic circulation and excretion of waste products. This is the most challenging trampoline exercise so be careful when doing it. Also, keep in mind that you need to build up your trampoline skills before doing high jump exercises.
Now that you know the different types of rebounding exercises you can do on a mini-trampoline let’s look at the rebounder benefits.


Yes it works, and it’s also not just a claim, but it is backed up by a landmark study made in 1980. This research on the benefits of rebound exercise was created by NASA scientists and concluded that rebounding on a trampoline requires less effort and is 68% more effective than jogging.

What Are The Benefits of Rebounding?

1. Detoxifies Your Lymphatic System

Did you know that your lymphatic system is your body’s primary “detoxifier”? It removes poisons, heavy metals and toxins from your body to keep you happy and healthy.

But here’s the thing – your body relies on movement to “pump” these toxins out. And no other exercise can get the degree of movement needed to really activate the lymph system like rebounding.

There are three main components to rebounding: gravity, acceleration, and deceleration. It’s that up and down movement that really gets the lymphatic fluid flowing and flushes out toxins.

2. Increases Bone Density

NASA uses rebounding to help astronauts regain lost bone density from space travel. A study conducted by NASA found that rebounding helps remineralize bones, which is great news for those with osteoporosis. The best part? Rebounding is gentle on the joints – unlike running on hard surfaces.

3. Strengthens Muscles

Rebounding can provide you with a full-body workout that strengthens nearly every muscle in your body. Each time you bounce up and down, the G-force is about two times your weight if your feet don’t leave the mat, and three times your weight if you jump six inches off the mat. This means that if you’re holding a 10lb dumbbell while you jump, you’re essentially adding 30 additional pounds of stress to every muscle in your body.

4. Improves Coordination and Balance

Rebounding forces you to be in the present moment and focus on what you’re doing. In time, this improves your mind/body connection, which also improves your coordination and balance. Reaction time is also improved as your body is constantly moving in different directions.

5. Helps You Lose Weight

If you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds, rebounding a great place to start. As a form of cardiovascular exercise, rebounding will help you burn more calories and reach your weight loss goals.

6. It’s fun!

Let’s face it – not many people really enjoy working out. Strength training and running on the treadmill can be mundane and boring. But rebounding makes exercise fun. No matter whether you’re young or old, rebounding makes you feel like a kid again. And if exercise is fun, we’re more likely to stick with it.

Rebounding is a fun exercise that anyone can do – and you don’t even need a gym membership to enjoy its benefits. Portable and easy to store, the mini trampolines used for this exercise are small enough to fit in any size home or apartment. From detoxification to muscle strength and weight loss, there are so many great reasons to add rebounding to your daily workout routine.


Doing a rebounding workout a few times a day will help improve your health, transport oxygen to your blood cells and immune system. There is no number of exercises you can do every day, but you can listen to your body and gauge how much it can take. It’s a low impact workout; thus, you can do it longer compared to other exercises. But just like any fitness regimen, don’t over do it, you need time to rest and recover.