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Summer is fast approaching, and that means BBQs, long days, and the kids are out of school. 

The last fact may strike fear into some, but really, kids in the summertime require no more work than when they’re in school. All you need for them are some backyard games, and you’ll be golden.

Children crave attention and giving them plenty of game ideas is an easy way to keep them active outside, soaking up the rays when the weather is permitting. It also ensures that they’re getting the attention and playtime they need, rather than spending it all in front of a screen.

Our list below is going to highlight plenty of different options for you to occupy the little ones, so sit back, relax, and grab a pen.



When it comes down to it, kids love sport-based games. That is our focus for the first ones included here. Most of these will require some sort of equipment, like a frisbee, ball, or kayak, but none of the actions will require more than simple equipment. Make sure you set the rules beforehand, and everyone knows them before starting!

50 Backyard Fun and Game Ideas for Kids

  • 1Start a backyard game of kickball
  • 2Ride your bike with them, or teach them to ride a bike
  • 3Grab a baseball and play catch
  • 4Play some tennis
  • 5Grab a kayak and hit the rivers
  • 6Travel to the playfield and play soccer or football
  • 7“Pepper” with a volleyball
  • 8Take a frisbee to play ultimate
  • 9Grab some golf clubs and hit the range
  • 10Pick up a baseball bat for the batting cages
  • 11Hit the streets or your yard for a quick jog
  • 12Get a tetherball pole
  • 13Have a wiffleball tournament
  • 14Make your own bowling alley
  • 15Role-play a fake movie
  • 16Build a fort
  • 17Buy a trampoline to jump on
  • 18Get a corn hole set
  • 19Play some horseshoes
  • 20Get a nice game of bocce ball going
  • 21Have them help you with BBQing
  • 22Create some relay events
  • 23Throw balls around
  • 24Buy an above-ground pool for some water-infused action
  • 25Setup a nice game of tag
  • 26Start a game of capture the flag
  • 27If you have the space, get a mini-playground for them to use
  • 28Get a red bouncy ball for foursquare
  • 29Hide and seek is always a good option
  • 30Play wall ball
  • 31Break out the hula hoops
  • 32Have the kids make their own game up
  • 33When it’s nighttime, gaze at the stars
  • 34Climb some trees
  • 35Have a camping trip
  • 36Setup your own miniature golf course
  • 37Have a dance party
  • 38Start your own bonfire at night
  • 39Draw some crazy animals with chalk
  • 40Get a bubble blower or solution
  • 41Make your own piñata to break
  • 42Set up a scavenger hunt
  • 43Make your own bird feeder
  • 44Start your own miniature garden
  • 45Tie-dye an article of clothing
  • 46Create some new friends by painting rocks
  • 47Build and play your own paintball course
  • 48Setup your own zip line
  • 49Create your own ropes course
  • 50Make your own obstacle course to tackle


Backyard trampolines always sound like such a good idea. They’re so fun and tempting. You definitely always wanted one as a kid, and so, when your own kids asked for one, you caved immediately. 


These next activities will be truly backyard-based fun. Nothing beats grabbing your kids and letting their imaginations run wild.


If you’re more into backyard games that involve a crafty aspect, look no further than some of these.


If you have plenty of acreage or land to use at your disposal, then some go big or bust ideas can be utilized. Would you like to set up your own robes course? How about a zip line that anyone can use? These types of ideas are out there to be sure but are completely doable for the certain person.


In all honesty, though, the whole point of our backyard games list is to get your kids outside, moving, and with some fresh air. These games or activities can be done in most places, not necessarily restricting you to your own backyard. If your kids are having fun and getting some enjoyment out of it, everything is good.

Sometimes you may have to set up more than just one of these to occupy them for a longer period, and that’s okay. Kids need variety and giving them choices can make you the coolest mom, dad, or grandparent around. There are always ways to keep them going, and it’s only held back by your own mind.

Get out there and spend some time outside.