Today we are going to skip the usual introduction and jump straight into our review on what is possible the best trampoline we have ever reviewed. This is not an exaggeration—the AlleyOop PowerBounce Rectangular Trampoline is amazing.

Alleyoop Trampoline General Information

The AlleyOop PowerBounce measures 10ft x 17ft and is equipped with the latest technology from JumpSport, VariableBounce and PowerBounce (discussed in the following section). The Alleyoop trampoline is made with Extra-Stretch High Performance 10” springs, which give the users a longer-lasting and better bouncing product.

The frame is made of pre-galvanized steel that is two inches thick, providing for maximum stability, and it is taller than the frames on most trampolines, which gives it the clearance for a deep bounce. Finally, the enclosure uses JumpSport’s Triple-Fail-Safe system, which provides for the ultimate in safety and peace of mind.  The weight capacity is an impressive 350 lbs, perfect for adults and children.

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About JumpSport Technology

JumpSport trampolies are packed with innovative and patented safety and performance features that can and will send you soaring to new heights and maintain safety.


VariableBounce is a JumpSport technology that was designed to make bouncing safer and easier on the body. A trampoline with VariableBounce lessens the impact and stress caused by jumping and landing and is especially helpful in awkward landings.


PowerBounce technology improves bounce and shock absorption. It uses two high-performance springs attached a PowerArm fitting. One spring lock the PowerArm into the V-ring while the other attaches to one of the PowerArm’s three settings—top, middle, or bottom—which allows jumpers to customize their jumping experience based on their size, weight, and level of skill.


Safety – The AlleyOop PowerBounce trampoline is as solid as a rock. The frame is incredibly sturdy and it does not budge. Similarly, the enclosure net is made of high-quality material, as are the enclosure poles. This is just an extremely well-put together product.

Bounce – JumpSport is all about safety and bounce, and they definitely deliver on both. We have never bounced so high on a backyard trampoline or had as smooth an experience until we tested out this product.

Adjustable Settings – Our favorite part of this trampoline was the ability to adjust the settings for jumpers of different sizes and skill levels. We were able to ensure that the kids had a safe, yet enjoyable bouncing experience (they are currently 3 and 4, so we did not want them rocketing off), while we were able to enjoy it to its fullest extent.

Appearance – This trampoline is forest green, which means that it blends in very well with landscaping. Additionally, it is rust resistant and ages very well, so it will not become a rusty heap and make the backyard look like a junkyard. It is actually quite attractive.

Customer Service – JumpSport should give other companies lessons on how to interact with customers because they are stellar at it. Any problem, any question that we had was answered and dealt with in a timely, courteous, and extremely friendly manner. They go out of their way to make sure that their customers are satisfied.


Price – The AlleyOop PowerBounce is one of the priciest trampolines currently on the market. You definitely have to pay for the quality that you are receiving.

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Final Word

If you can afford it and are willing to spend the money, then the AlleyOop PowerBounce Trampoline is the product that you want to buy if you want the safest and most powerful bounce available. You will not be disappointed.


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