Trampolines are the epitome of fun, but mere bouncing isn’t enough. There are dozens of fun trampoline games that you can play on a trampoline and are perfect for kids of all ages. While some of these games are meant for multiple people, please remember to stay within your trampoline’s weight constrictions. Also, please bear in mind the safety of the children and the players when doing jump games inside and outside of the trampoline. While trampoline enclosures help to keep your children safe it is always best to have someone supervising trampoline games!

Ring Around the Rosy

Every child has played Ring Around the Rosy before. This classic game requires the same fun chant you’re used to.

But instead of falling down, each child on the trampoline will be able to say their own command one at a time. So, the first time, someone may say we all drop to our knees, and everyone would have to immediately drop to their knees.

Hot Potato

Hot Potato is a fast-paced game and another classic that kids will love. You’ll need multiple players for this game with at least three players to get the most fun out of Hot Potato. Let’s get started:

  • Everyone lines up in a circle on the trampoline.
  • One person will start with a ball.
  • Everyone begins jumping.

Now, the person with the ball will yell hot potato and throw the ball to someone else quickly. Here are the rules:

A person is out if they:

  • Drop the ball.
  • Don’t catch the ball.
  • Stop jumping at any point.

All of the players will continue until there is only one player remaining.

Follow the Leader

Follow the leader is a great game with infinite possibilities when on a trampoline. The main concept is that one of the players will be the leader and then the role of the leader passes onto the next player. The goal is simple:

  • The leader does something
  • All other players must mimic the leader

The great part about this game is that a leader can:

  • Sing a song.
  • Perform a dance.
  • Do a cool jumping trick.

Virtually anything can be done, but there is one catch: all participants must remain jumping. If a person does not perform the same actions as the leader correctly, they will be out and have to sit down.

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Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a game that’s always played in the pool. However, with a little twist, you can play it on a trampoline.

Note: You’ll need a larger trampoline for this game and at least 3 players.

The rules of the game are fairly simple:

  • One player sits in the middle with their eyes closed.
  • The middle player counts aloud to 10.
  • The other players move around the trampoline.
  • Once the middle player reaches 10, they stand up and start bouncing.

From here, the middle player will have to try and tag another player with their eyes closed. The middle player can yell “Marco” and the other players yell “Polo” to help the player find another player to tag.

This is a game that can go on for as long as you wish. The tagged player will be the new person to sit in the middle with their eyes closed.

We added two more fun trampoline games as a bonus:

Dead Man

The dead man is played when one child sits in the trampoline’s middle with their eyes closed. The child in the middle then counts to 10, and then another participant will say “dead man rise.” The child in the middle will roll around on the trampoline with the eyes still closed. The participant will try to touch another child who is trying to dodge them.The other kid players cannot jump over the dead man, but they are allowed to move around the child in the middle. When another player is touched or tagged, that player becomes the dead man, and the game starts over.

Wild Boar

The rule of the game is to stay out of the middle of the trampoline. Two players are needed for this game, and the recommend jumpers are children aged 5+. To play wild boar, the player in the middle is blindfolded and the wild boar. The player is on his/her hands and knees and then jumps around. When the “wild boar” tackles someone, the wild boar will guess who he/she tackled. If the wild boar guess is right, they switch places. When the wild boar gets too close to the trampoline’s edge, he/she will shout “fire.” Note: this game is suited for larger trampolines.

Fun Trampoline Games Final Thoughts

These are the best 4 fun trampoline games we recommend right now, they will keep you entertained and smiling during the whole time you will be playing them. They also are a good way to keep you in shape and get plenty of exercise all while having fun.

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