10 Tips on Buying a TrampolineWe love trampolines, but we also know that buying the perfect trampoline is a difficult process. While you may have enjoyed jumping on one as child, there are a few features you probably didn’t realize you needed when purchasing a trampoline for yourself, your kids, or as a gift.

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Let’s take a look at 10 tips for buying a trampoline that is just right for you.

1. Weight Limits Matter

The weight limit of the trampoline matters. Some trampolines are rated for just one user or children, while others are able to hold several hundreds of pounds of weight.

If there are several teenage boys that will be using the trampoline, you need to make sure that the weight limit of the manufacturer meets your needs. Every manufacturer will have a maximum weight limit listed for their trampoline models.

2. Enclosures Are Recommended

Enclosures aren’t a necessity, but they’re highly recommended. An enclosure will protect any users from accidentally falling out of the trampoline, and sustaining an injury as a result. Statistics show that 70 out of 100,000 children age 0 – 4 will become injured on the trampoline.

And this number rises for users age 5 – 14, where 160 injuries occur per 100,000 children. Many of these injuries could have been circumvented if an enclosure was present.

3. Consider Handlebars for Kids

Smaller users, aged 0 – 5, will have less stability than older users. Purchasing a trampoline that is meant for a child is a good choice. Handlebars are present on some of these models. These will allow for minimal jumping and maximum stability.

4. Make Sure There’s Enough Space

The amount of space that a trampoline takes up is normally underestimated. Make sure that you have enough space in your yard for your trampoline, and measure out the space to ensure there’s enough clearance it.

You also want to make sure that you place a trampoline on a softer surface, such as grass. Never place your trampoline on a hard surface, such as concrete, due to the high risk of injury if a person falls on the hard surface.

5. Look at the Safety Features

Safety truly matters with a trampoline. You want to look for several different safety features, including:

  • Enclosures.
  • Adequate padding over the springs.
  • Durable frames, such as galvanized steel.
  • No gap enclosures.
  • Rust-resistant springs.

With the right safety features in place, you’ll minimize the risk of injury and ensure that users are safe while bouncing.

6. Research the Manufacturer

There’s no excuse not to research manufacturers when buying a trampoline. You have an abundance of outlets to conduct research, such as Amazon, the Better Business Bureau, user reviews and news outlets.

A great way to research a manufacturer or a particular type of trampoline is to read trampoline reviews.

Research the manufacturer and look for any glaring complaints. This may mean that the trampoline buckled under less weight than what was listed, or that the surface began to deteriorate after being left out during the summer.

7. Mat Surface Area

The amount of mat surface offered is very important when there are multiple users. You’ll find trampolines in a variety of sizes. These are just a few samples of sizes that are on the market:

  • 8 feet diameter, which is ideal for one to two people.
  • 12 feet diameter, which is ideal for one to three people.
  • 15 feet diameter, which is ideal for two to three people.

There are also oval models that will offer more space, but you want to ensure that the weight capacity will match your needs. For example, an eight-foot surface area may have a weight capacity of 175 pounds, which may be ideal for two younger users, but only for one adult.

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8. Warranties Matter

Warranties matter when purchasing a trampoline. There are several parts to a trampoline, and they can break over time. You want to make sure that there is warranty in place to safeguard your investment.

9. Spare Part Availability

A natural fit after talking about warranties. Spare part availability is a must if you plan on owning your trampoline for a long time. Springs can break, mats can become worn, and padding can begin to deteriorate. Spare part availability will allow you to purchase spare parts to repair your trampoline.

This is less of a concern if you’re purchasing a trampoline for a younger child that will only be using it for one or two years before you get rid of it.

10. UV Protected Padding

The final tip in our buying guide is to purchase a trampoline that has UV-protected padding. While an indoor trampoline may not need this protection, an outdoor trampoline will definitely need some UV protection.

Any users that will be jumping on the trampoline in areas that get a lot of sun will not want the color of the padding to fade away, or deteriorate over time.

UV protection is the perfect solution, as this will safeguard your investment and allow you to keep your trampoline out in the sun on occasion. We always recommend covering your trampoline when it’s not in use, but if you happen to forget, you don’t want it to lose durability in the process.


These 10 tips will help you buy a trampoline that’s ideal for your family. Keep in mind that there are trampolines in all price ranges. The more expensive models typically offer better protection, and will last much longer before needing to be replaced.

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